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We're now about halfway through with camp, and since my last few entries a lot has happened both on camp and in my personal life. I'll get all the basics out of the way first: we got the expensive arcade machine working, Arkham Knight continues to be the most popular game on our side of camp, they've asked me to paint half of the back wall with nerd stuff, and I swam in the lake. The second session was also the first time anyone got fired - I won't discuss it in depth here, but colour me unsurprised by that particular development for a few reasons.

I vaguely told a few people about gender things and they seemed cool with it, which is encouraging, even if I'm still not sure on a lot of personal counts. I've made some pretty certain friends here - people I never want to lose contact with, including a couple of UK lads, three kiwis, two Spanish speakers from different countries, and a dude from Arkansas who plays the banjo like a pro. (That banjo is maybe one of the biggest things I'll miss about camp. Go figure.)

I run Dungeons and Dragons for the kids now, in addition to making sure nobody chokes anybody else with a PS4 controller, and apparently my storytelling voice is good enough for kids to get very into it and want to come back (and also do things like try to marry giant spiders and hog-tie black dragons), which means I'm always very busy. Sometimes I even find myself deliberately giving up my rest periods just to stay at work and run the place, which I didn't expect when I came here.

Big stuff: I might have blown my undergraduate year. I didn't get enough points to pass, and I'm still waiting to hear back from people about whether I've messed up completely or if there's a way to re-take my first year or salvage the situation somehow. I'm not keen on the idea of having to re-take, but I still care just a bit too much about university to let go of the whole thing, so I'll be angling for that. I also have a housing contract signed and payments to make, which brings me to my real point: I care more about this job than I've cared about anything else in my life so far.

This place feels like home, I like almost everybody who works here including my boss, and waking up every morning to a sunrise over a lake in the middle of the Adirondacks has been the greatest experience ever. I want to stay here, but unfortunately for me, I'm still chained to the UK with things like a limited visa and housing payments, and university, and the fact that summer camp literally only runs during summer. The idea of going home is looking less and less attractive by the day, but there are just too many people and things waiting on me back in the UK.

The plus side is that apparently my boss likes me. In his words, I'm "perfect for the job", and he's briefly mentioned the what-ifs of me coming back next year. To me, that sounds pretty promising. And since I won't be doing it through an agency next time, I'll be getting paid more. I look forward to that.

More big stuff: there's this guy who doesn't want to go back to Venezuela because apparently it sucks there. He legitimately asked around if anyone would marry him so that he wouldn't legally have to go home. The thing is that I don't ever want to get married for love, because it sounds like the grandest and most unnecessary waste of time and money and a way to give myself commitment issues without really trying, so I legitimately gave this guy a sober and clear-headed "yeah, why not?". We get along, he's friendly and hilarious and genuinely cares about his job, and I trust him. So that's a thing we're both going to be looking into. We'll see how that turns out, if anything actually comes of it.

Summer camp is a crazy time. Nobody could really have warned me how attached I'd get to this place, or how important it was going to be to me to have come here at all. There have been some crazy incidents with kids here that beg belief, but all in all, it's worth it. Mega worth it. Super ultra worth the trip, even with all the stress and trouble and money dropped on getting here.
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I'm still really really glad that place is going well (understatement af) for you ;w;

It'd be pretty stupid of them to kick you out of your first year, so I'm hoping you can manage it.

Make sure you look into the marriage thing bigtime though--there tend to be lots of weird legal shit that's involved in getting married across countries.
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...are you sure :I< that sounds like it'd have the exact opposite effect, actually, constantly pestering you both about when you plan on having tinies together and shit.
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if that occurs i hope she listens :V

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Some friends of mine - US and Australian - got married for love reasons, and US immigration grilled them bigtime - they had to provide photos of themselves as a couple over several years, plus interviews with friends supporting that they were a love-couple... it was pretty full on and intense/intensive.
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It's a very good thing I wasn't drinking anything or I might have legitimately done a spittake over the marriage thing.

...I realize that might sound disapproving but honestly I was just surprised. If you do marry this dude, your reasons are as legit as anyone else's, as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, I know we don't talk much but I'm happy to hear that things are going so well for you!
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Awww, it is so awesome how happy you sound being there! Even if you can't stay in this particular place, you can maybe figure out what aspects of it really make your heart sing so you can find similar things in the future?

Seconding all the cautions about marriage issues - if you do go about it, it might be a long, expensive process with lots of legal issues. (I know a Canadian/American couple who are still paying out the butt for immigration reasons 4 years later, and basically the whole time the American could've been deported at a moment's notice.) At the same time, heck yeah, that's actually a pretty good reason if everyone's on board with it.
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Gengar! :D Umm, yes.

Well, at least you'll have a good "got married to this person I met overseas at camp!" story. XD I remember at one point knowing of a woman in the states with chronic health issues who married her platonic friend for his health insurance. It seemed rather smart and beneficial for her, and kind of him, and they were actually quite happy living together platonically for years.