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PART A: A CATCH-UP (6th September)

Well, camp ended, and here I am sitting in a Wendy's somewhere in Virginia, taking advantage of the air conditioning and contemplating never eating fast food again as soon as my flight leaves next week. Nearby there's a small family trying to discourage their toddler from drinking the ketchup, and I find myself actually missing the people back home for the first time.

Not to say I haven't thoroughly enjoyed my time in the USA - it's been an amazing trip, and even though there were some scary points, they only taught me how to be better at booking buses, catching planes, and otherwise getting my act together. I'm a lot more confident travelling now than I was when I set off, and less liable to make mistakes. As tacky as it sounds to call this whole thing a "learning experience", that's exactly what it's been.

As you can probably guess, I didn't end up marrying that guy. Someone offered him a place at their house in New Zealand and from what I hear he's headed there as soon as possible, which makes things a lot easier for him and, admittedly, for me. We're going to stay in touch - this goes for everybody at camp, not just my potential wacky marriage partner - and I'm already missing not getting to talk to a lot of them.

Most of my time after camp has consisted of taking Greyhound buses and running around trying to see everything in as short a time as possible. This also means I largely forgot to take photos, but I'll be posting those I did take when I get home.

Still, I'll try to sum it up. When we'd finished packing up camp, there was a huge staff party during which everyone made some amazing memories and/or hooked up. We all got roaring drunk and watched this year's staff video (our side of camp went sadly understated, which is apparently normal), and then I danced like a mad thing to Nicki Minaj until we decided enough was enough. I went back to my cabin for the last time and a few of us confronted An Actual IRL Bear that was ignoring us and raiding trash cans.

The next morning a bus full of hungover ex-camp counsellors was dumped unceremoniously onto a random street in New York City, and after some rushed and awkward goodbyes from around piles of suitcases and giant hiking backpacks, everyone split into their decided groups and we all headed for our accommodation.

I went with a group that had booked a place through Airbnb - we found a cute designer apartment with room for all of us, and my job that night became damage control as everyone managed to bring back other counsellors they'd met up with and the enlarged group managed to break the toilet and continue making noise until 4am.

When we were done sightseeing in New York, our group split up a little more and we headed for Washington, DC - which, by the way, has UNNECESSARILY LARGE STREETS. Just, absolutely inordinately wide. What is up with that. I mean, a large population is what's up with that, but permit me my rhetorical questions. I've been busy.

A chilled-out stay in Washington turned into a long night of trying to work out who was going where and how. As it turned out, while I'd have liked to stick with the main group, they were all going to split after their next destination - which was somewhere I didn't really want to go. So instead of being left to my own devices in the middle of a heavily-forested nowhere (perhaps deciding I'd had enough of the camp experience for one year), I took off alone for Virginia.

I'll keep things discreet, but essentially I met up with a friend and Did All The Things that America has to offer, and it has been awesome.

PART B: THE LAST HURRAH (10th September)

I made it back to New York City without being murdered! As of the time of writing this, it's 8am on an overcast Friday morning and I just spent like ten hours on a bus. I managed to catch a couple of bare hours of sleep, but after walking 40 blocks from the bus station to my hostel at 5am, I'm about ready to have an early night. By which I mean it's still 8am and I'm exhausted.

Still - I made it here, and the hostel receptionist was kind enough to let me drop off my gigantic hiking backpack, so I'm sitting in Central Park and debating what to do with my day until I can officially check myself in at 3pm and do things like take a badly-needed shower.

Tomorrow I need to waste as much time as possible before I head to the airport. My flight is at 6:29am, which is awkward and annoying considering I have to get transport there, but I've made it this far and I'm excited that this summer has turned out so great considering the rough start.

Maybe at the airport I'll waste a few hours writing up some of the more interesting things that happened this summer. I know so far my travelog diary thing has been very heavy on the "went there, did this, by the way I'm still alive" so we'll see how I feel later about getting into some of the juicier details. For now, because I'm tired and getting a little cold, it's time to stop writing and find things to do.

(Ended up posting this from a McDonald's with a black coffee, in case this was of any interest.)

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