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WELL I LIVE IN A HOUSE NOW. it's my house, i live in it, and it belongs half to me and half to my housemate, [personal profile] atomicivy (who just got a dreamwidth because i pestered her).

we have two bathrooms and two bedrooms and a kitchen and a living room and i want to make a small garden outside where the teeny tiny yard is but we'll see what the sun is like out there... anyway. it's smol but it's cute and functional and even though it's noisy at night sometimes because we live near a pub, it's still like... like, this house is under our names, it's rented to us, and i'm just like, i'm an adult and that's real fuckin neato

when my student loan comes through i'm gonna pay back my family for the tickets that time i missed my flight, and then i'm gonna start buying more healthy-ass groceries and cooking a bunch of shit for me and [personal profile] atomicivy, because she wouldn't know a vegetable if one jumped up and hit her in the face. at the very least being vegan has taught me to eat healthy and learn to cook. and at the most, i joined a vegan/vegetarian society at my uni this year, so, we'll see how that goes!! they didnt say anything to me because it was super crowded so i don't even know what they do but, you know, potential frens. exciting!!!

(if you haven't seen NotWizards you should go watch it)

anyway, as you can probably guess by the journal entry suddenly going up, we just got internet at our place. that's ours too!! sweet!! so like, i have permanent home access to the internet now and i can post and reply to things at my liesure. i've made a deal with myself that i won't let it take over my life though. there's too much going on in this town to want to stay indoors all day so i'm gonna start keeping my calendar updated with events and stuff, since my university and all its societies are pretty good with emailing us with cool shit. and even then i've been paying attention to the pinboards and stuff around town, so, it definitely won't be difficult to find things to do.

there's this real cute cafe nearby called Blue Sky and it's basically like... i dunno, a converted loft space type thing? it's mega nice and not expensive and has vegan options. i love it so i wanna go back there, but the point is, they also keep inviting random people to come do live performances - like, you know, graduates of the university, independent musicians, poets, that sort of thing. i went to a poetry reading there last year and it was real artsy so i'm definitely getting in on that asap.

there is also another cute cafe nearby called Kyffin and like... 80% of their menu seems to be vegan, it's pretty rad. let me tell u about their mezze. all im gonna say is its fuckin delicious and fuckin huge and trying to finish the meal almost exploded me. i love food and i love that place

let's see. ah yes!! i changed courses from creative studies to computer science, which is way more up my alley, and the first year involves a lot of maths so, uh, we'll see how that turns out considering my mathematical incompetence!! haha but really i'm excited to be exploring REAL CODING

so, like, creatively speaking... i'm doing art commissions but the post needs updating so i'm gonna do that later and i'll write it all up into a post. if you ever wanted to buy my art you will soon be able to do so! a couple of people already did ah hm hm (nods appreciatively in certain people's directions)

after i get used to my new schedule enough i think i'm gonna look for a job too. i need all the income i can get honestly. and i feel much more confident about doing stuff i thought i couldn't do, after all those CRAZY SUMMER HIJINKS!! ha ha

anyway, that's all from me for now, but. you might all hear from me a little more now than you did over the summer, since i can actually spend as much time as i want replying to things and swinging by to say hello and stuff like that. i may also drop by some friending memes and such if they spring up. for the time being, a big thank you to everybody for sticking with my very quiet journal over the summer while i had such limited access and such a busy schedule... it's cool of you all and i hope to make it up to everybody by being a good neighbour. we'll see how busy i am :^)

now time to drink a SHITLOAD OF COFFEE and sort out my commissions post and do some homework and CODE LIKE RAF ESQUIVEL HO HO HO YEE
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[personal profile] chagrined 2015-10-02 06:10 pm (UTC)(link)
congrats on ur house!!! that is awesome!!!
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[personal profile] lilysea 2015-10-03 01:39 am (UTC)(link)
Yay house! and vegan places!

I'm not vegan, but I am severely-dairy-intolerant for health reasons (basically a tablespoon of sour cream = 3-4 days of severe muscle and joint pain), so I get very excited about vegan options at cafes.
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[personal profile] switterbeet 2015-10-04 01:51 am (UTC)(link)
Congrats on the house! And all around exciting-life-plans right now. ^_^

How long have you been vegan? Do/did you find transitioning difficult/how did you do so? (I am lacto-ovo-vegetarian and constantly waffling about reducing/eliminating my dairy intake because reasons.)
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[personal profile] switterbeet 2015-10-04 02:49 am (UTC)(link)
Thanks for sharing your experiences! :) I was mostly wondering about if it was cold turkey or like weaning off of animal products. Or if there were any particular things you struggled with in the process?

Congrats on doing that from regular carnivore too! I figure that would be harder, but then again, I've always flirted with veganism unsuccessfully despite being vegetarian for a long time.

What were your reasons for switching?
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[personal profile] wrinkledeer 2015-10-04 01:44 pm (UTC)(link)
oH My god........ this is like, wow, i cant believe i had such a profound effect on someone i'm all #SQ right now.... and i need to go back thru my blog and start tagging vegan stuff more thoroughly i haven't been lately hahaha now that i'm BEING RECOMMENDED and all gosh, anyway

ur welcome
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Re: this is so long and tl;dr i'm so sorry

[personal profile] switterbeet 2015-10-04 03:44 pm (UTC)(link)
LOL, thank you for your thoughts! That is all really interesting, and I love getting people's personal takes on this sort of thing, esp. when they do so in such a non-judgey/preachy way.

Hmmm, yeah those are things I struggled with back in the day when I became vegetarian too, come to think of it. Things have gotten a lot more vegetarian friendly since (it was 18 years ago... now I don't have to worry there will be no options for me when I go out with friends now, vegetarian options are often highlighted on menus, 98% of my friends trip over themselves to make sure I'm fed, etc). LOL, I guess part of me just lazily don't want to go through that process again.

Ohh, I like some of the stuff yiffdeer posted. I don't think vegans are jerks necessarily, but there is a strong exclusionary "all or nothing" vibe I get off of some of them sometimes, and I like seeing that tempered with some common sense and welcomingness.

Eeeeh, yeah the fridge logic. I realize that dairy/eggs are in some ways a lot WORSE than meat in my ethical views. :/ Part of why I semi-regularly try to cut back/remove them, but usually wind up being lazy/tempted by them.

ANYWAY, thank you for zis info and your thoughts! :D
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i thought i posted this comment already but apparenlty not

[personal profile] wrinkledeer 2015-10-05 11:55 pm (UTC)(link)
omg thanx for posting the notwizards gif i've been trying to remember what that was called for days... it kinda got lost in the memories of other great youtube stuff you showed me

anyway, i'm glad things are going well! 👌👀 if you need any help with the coding stuff, i can try..? the languages i have the least shitty grasp of are python and to a lesser extent c/c++ so if you happen to be learning those i might be able to help. i can at least help you test stuff if you need it

and ye veganism is great at teaching you how to cook... like i had no idea what chickpeas or lentils or practically anything was before i started. there's a Wonderous World of Plants out there that most people don't even think about because they're too busy injecting bacon directly into their bloodstream or w/e
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Re: schrodingers comment, its only posted while yr ogling it

[personal profile] wrinkledeer 2015-10-06 01:17 am (UTC)(link)
yeah thats how i think about it too haha except like, you can eat it IRL!! unfortunately i do not get buffs from my meals, and they require more effort than just clicking a button. but hey, thats life