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life update

ahuh. recently because i'm still a moron i got a ribbing from my landlord over the phone. the first i heard of it was my housemate holding the phone out like "landlord wants 2 speak 2 u" and i was like ah! sure! hello! all bright and friendly. and he's like, listen, where is the rent. (long long yarn about rent being due 2 months ago and it not being paid) where. is the rent

and i'm like oh jesus christ. because this meant i'd basically...forgotten to set up a payment method, holy asses. how do i forget something that important? i dont know i guess im just a fucking stupid idiot. but listen, it's all paid now, i called my bank and they were super helpful and helped me sort it all out, so that's done. one strike off the list of stuff i need to do.

with that done, i guess now i should probably start looking for a job. i mean, the difficulty is that my schedule is absolutely wankered all week, and then i have societies on the weekend that i really don't want to stop going to... especially since i just got started with one of them. but, you know. my goal from now on is to maximise my income as much as possible. i want to have cash spare if i need it, and i want to pay off my loans eventually. (even if in the UK we don't strictly have to. i just don't want it hanging over my head forever)

soo, yeah. things were scary for a second there! but it was solved quickly, due to my mad skillz at waiting on the phone while my bank plays shitty music at me through my already-busted phone speaker. it sounded like bass boosted hell on toast piano. very intense

as for mood stuff, lately things have felt kinda Meh. meh in a big sense. like, i dont feel like getting up in the morning even though i eventually do it anyway, and i'm frustrated with certain things, and my course is also kinda more difficult than i was expecting and i feel apathetic about homework. but, like... i kind of expected this? coming back from a Dream Job In The Sun all summer to autumnal dismal grey UK normality was always going to be a hell of a gear shift. so i'm not exactly worried about myself. it's just one of those wintry moods that happens to everyone, imho.

i do think a job might help fix it though. i need a schedule in my life that gives me things i have to do, or else i get lazy and stay indoors and that always puts me on a downward slope. so, i'm going to try and give myself lots of shit to do, including jobhunting and society stuff at university and exploring the area around my town...

which reminds me, there's this big cliff thing right opposite my house. it looks amazing during sunset because it's facing the sun so it lights up golden and orange and red and it's incredibly impressive, so i'm determined to find a way to the top at some point. if i can find a quick way up there, maybe sometimes i can take snacks and sit and watch the sun go down on slow days? that would be cool. i'm not convinced it's that easy though since i can't find any paths from this side so you have to walk around the coast and go up this weird mazelike residential hill area... anyway. thoughts for another time

last thing for now, i'm looking forward to xmas a lot. i hate the holiday but i actually kind of want to see my parents for once. and my bff, who moved away from our old town and now goes to university and lives near london. i'm super proud of him but we're really far away now! i miss him!!! and i can't wait to see him over the holidays :'^)

tl;dr things are going okay, just slow. here's a video.

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