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last year i was taking Creative Studies. it was a lot of different modules sort of mashed up into one and it was an attractive option to me because i didn't know what i wanted to do in life - the course seemed comfortably flexible and let me cherrypick what i wanted.

the issue arose when my typical academic mindset kicked in: if i don't like something enough, i can't go through with learning it. and by the end of the year i realised i didn't take quite the right modules because they didn't exist in the form i wanted. i ended up doing a radio/video module i didn't care about and the rest of them didn't quite hook me enough to keep going. it's a pretty shitty mindset, but there you go, working on it... anyway, i didn't get enough points to pass. this was because i kept forgetting or just plain apathetically refusing to do homework that was evaluated for big chunks of my grade...

the moral of the story is, don't pick a course where you can Do Anything if you don't have a clue what you want to do in the first place.

so, this year, instead of trying again when i now understood the course wasn't going to work for me, i switched to Computer Science. here are the course modules on my timetable right now for the first semester. i'm going to sum them up

let's be real. fuck unix. it's finicky and weird. but, someone's gotta deal with it, and it might as well be me i guess

boring. annoying. reminiscent of key skills ict but without microsoft excel to do things for you. like, manual excel with a juddery gearbox you have to manipulate with a pair of garden shears

real good! so far it's all about HTML and CSS so it's what i do anyway but with encouragement and help from a friendly graduate who recognised my bee & puppycat wallet. we'll be moving on to javascript soon which will actually be new to me, but i'm thinking i'll probably pick it up quickly enough

GREAT BUT, WE ALREADY UNDERSTAND WHAT GRAPH COORDINATES ARE SO PLEASE!!! MOVE ON SIR. anyway so far this is just making shapes in 3D with code suspiciously reminiscent of clunky html. he even confirmed its not a way anyone makes things these days and hes just making us do it to teach us how the coordinates work. like i said we already understand this so it's slow going

figuring out java with a DOS command box. it's okay. hm

this one is pretty straightforward. but i'm horrible at maths. "let's define processing a vertex" eeauughh but here's to trying anyway

so, like. i guess, this is better than last year because now i can actually envision the kinds of things i might be doing with these qualifications in a few years. like, i'd actually want to do a job involving them maybe. so that's good.

the downside is, we're only eligible for one extra year of funding, which means this is my last chance to actually finish education before the government is like "nah dude we lent you enough already". so i have to succeed this time! it's a lot of pressure but. maybe that will make me work harder. :^)

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