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fic: Party Planning Nightmare (Night) [915]

Title: Party Planning Nightmare (Night)
Fandom: Crossover (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic/Pokémon)
Characters: Fluttershy, Vulpix, Sableye
Word Count: 915

Prompt: "fluttershy dealing w/ pokemon preferably ghosties but also vulpix"
Prompted by: [personal profile] thethrillof

Maybe the noise was starting to get to her. Just a pinch, mind. Backing up one hoof at a time until her hindquarters bumped the wall, Fluttershy felt her ears pin back and her wings draw in tight - a sure sign that things were getting out of hand.

"Oh - please, be careful with the drapes - Rarity worked very hard on those..."

She was being drowned out, slowly but surely, by the impromptu party that had erupted around the castle. She lifted a hoof in shock as a Haunter chased a Phantump between her feet and through a side door, and tried not to panic. This was a mess.

"Please - stop! If Twilight comes home and nothing is ready, she'll be so disapp- oh!" She had to duck to avoid being barrelled into by the Banette that had just swung itself off a Chandelure, and her eyes widened as the other Pokémon's candle flames came dangerously close to some of Twilight's books. "Stop! Why won't any of you listen to me? I thought you all agreed to this!"

There was a crash from the other side of the room, where a group of Gourgeist had been balancing in a pyramid and were abruptly zapped into tumbling to the ground by a wayward Rotom. Fluttershy stared in horror at the broken end table that had become part of the pile, and thoughts of what Twilight would say when she returned began to take hold.

Something tugged at her mane. Glancing down, the pegasus regarded the Vulpix with a questioning look. It responded by spitting out her hair and tipping its head upwards, indicating that it wanted a boost.

"Oh - I - okay." Uncertain, she bowed her front legs, dipping her head to allow the small Pokémon to climb up. When she stood, the fox trod down on her ears, and she felt it take a deep breath.

The resulting Howl nearly deafened the room full of Pokémon, and as its breath ran out, Fluttershy found herself dazed momentarily - but, upon shaking herself out of it (the Vulpix clinging to her head for dear life), she realised it had had the intended effect. All eyes were on her, and while normally she'd have cowered at being the centre of attention, it seemed like it was now or never. She refused to let her friends down.

Fluttershy stomped a hoof. "Thank you!" She stepped away from her corner and took to the air, settling gingerly on the pile of chairs a Gengar had stacked in the centre of the room, and addressed them all. "Now, listen. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, taking advantage of Twilight's hospitality like that. She agreed to help you all make a good impression on other ponies because of your bad reputation, and you repay her by ruining her home!"

The Vulpix, sliding down her neck to stand firmly on her back between her wings, gave a firm and haughty nod.

They all still seemed to be listening. Good. "You agreed to help out with this Nightmare Night party because you all wanted to be treated like every other Pokémon. Now, I know you got carried away, but Twilight will be back with the others in two hours. I need you all to be good," she declared, as loudly as her quiet voice would allow, "to work hard - and to make this the best Nightmare Night party the other ponies have ever seen! I hope I'm being absolutely clear!"

There was a long, awkward silence. Fluttershy felt the spurs of panic dig in again, but as she watched, the Pokémon seemed to be exchanging very guilty looks. Slowly, a Pokémon stepped out of the crowd and balled its claws into a fist in the air, nodding decisively. It was the Sableye that Rarity had taken a shine to the season prior, finding its gem habit endearing despite its tendency to chew her fabric swatches when she wasn't looking. The Pokémon had been one of the main reasons this party had been planned in the first place; noting the ponies' warmth and acceptance, it had invited its friends from all over the region to live nearby, and slowly the numbers had racked up until Princess Luna herself had paid a visit.

There would be a party, she had decreed. A party to show the world that those of a shadowy disposition could have just as much harmless fun as anypony else. And both Princess Luna and Princess Twilight - no, just Twilight Sparkle, her friend - had agreed that she was the perfect pony to rally the Pokémon together and make it happen.

As the other Ghost-types in the room began to sheepishly step forwards, taking their cues from the Sableye, Fluttershy started believing they might be right. She spread her wings again and floated softly down to floor level, nodding encouragingly to the Gengar that had stacked the chairs as it began carefully taking apart the pile. When her hooves met the floor again, the Sableye bounced forwards and took up an upright stance in front of her, saluting theatrically.

"We can do this," she said, more to rally herself than the Pokémon, and the Vulpix leapt down from her back to stand beside Sableye. They both nodded at her. "First things first: let's get this room back to normal! Oh, and..."

The two Pokémon blinked in surprise as Fluttershy lowered her face between the two to give them both an affectionate nuzzle.

"Thank you."