smalldeer: i thought this would be a good way to start off the rime series ([bug] its party time)
bug ([personal profile] smalldeer) wrote2015-10-20 03:05 pm
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chat party

hey so, i'm reviving my old chatroom in case anyone wants to come hang out and exchange some banter in realtime. you're totally encouraged to drop in even if we dont know each other, and feel free to bring your friends and invite people! you can hang around even if i'm not there :^)

consider it a public space, like i just built a town square smack bang in the middle of dreamwidth or something

just bear in mind the following ground rules:

  • keep a chill atmosphere

  • if you want to have arguments do it via pm not in the main room

  • be courteous/don't be a dick

  • rp is ok if the chat is empty (but please don't smut in my chat thanks)

  • this is sort of a trial run we’ll see how well it goes

  • age rating 13+ in the main room unless you're 100% sure it just contains adults

  • by clicking through youre assumed to have agreed to this stuff

mute button is on the bottom right if you dont want it blipping at you. there's a PM function. consider me the super admin but like, no big deal

onwards to the chat ==>

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