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with a great deal of important things to be doing (including explaining why i've been gone from dreamwidth for ages), i procrastinated and wrote down a huge list of (nearly) all the pokemon i have headcanons about from all the main games so far. so, like, this is basically a theoretical post like "what if it were real and i was really on a pokemon journey? what would all of my Pokemon be like and what would their backstories be? how did i come across them?" etc.

it got really long even though i tried to keep it short because this list goes all the way back to pokemon blue but in case you want to read about my various teams and poke-amigos here it is behind a cut. i will probably add more at some point. these are headcanons going wayyy back so they kinda range from madcap to uninspired to pretty damn funny imho. also, i don't have a gengar, i've been a sham this whole time. i mean i did in HeartGold but it didnt feel headcanony enough and i have no idea where my copy of HG went anyway so WHOOPS all my johto pokemon are omitted at the moment

i also included the basic template i used for each pokemon at the bottom of this post in case anybody wants to do it themselves. if you do, or if you do something similar, please link me! i love hearing people's pokemon journey headcanons, it really fleshes out the world for me.


Bug the Explorer
Hometown: Canalave, Sinnoh
Has beat the elite four in Kanto and Sinnoh, mostly just explored the others. Only goal is to travel and meet interesting people and Pokemon. Beating other trainers is fun, but not very interested in competitive battling - much to the chagrin of most of their Pokemon. Rarely goes home, and even more rarely goes back to see parents.


Halberd the Blaziken [Level 66]
Nature: Lax; Hates to lose
Notes: Competitive and determined. Very expressive, and a little naive. Best kickbird ever. Kicks everything. Good at jumping and kicking. JUMP N KICK. BOOM

Florio the Gardevoir [Level 62]
Nature: Brave; Mischievous
Notes: Seems reserved but actually likes to watch others suffer minor misfortunes. Would always call off a prank if it went too far. Bold and daring, usually the first to step into a new place if others have misgivings.

Belrose the Latias [Level 58]
Nature: Modest; Likes to thrash about
Notes: Afraid of dark, cramped spaces like caves. Excited to experience being on a team/travelling with a trainer. Wants to become stronger than Latios so that she can protect her home.

Strawberry the Tentacruel [Level 40]
Nature: Naughty; Somewhat of a clown
Notes: Insistently pulled pranks to get attention while some nasty stuff was going down with legendaries. What seemed like really bad timing ended up being a deliberate attempt to get caught in order to help out. Defends his trainer with Barrier when things get heavy.

Pilot the Sableye [Level 33]
Nature: Sassy; Likes to eat
Notes: Joined the group in the Cave of Origin, during the same legendary fiasco as Strawberry. Timid at first, but his determination to help out brought him out of his shell. Kind of expensive to keep around due to his tendency to eat shiny things, but lots of fun too. Tends to judge other trainers pretty harshly if they won't feed him.


An apartment in Sinnoh's Canalave City. Bug often returns here to read up on lore in the library.

Stat the Luxray [Level 72]
Nature: Naive; Likes to relax
Notes: Bug thought she was a dude for most of her gym career. Still loves adventuring, but waits patiently in Canalave guarding the house in the meantime.

Perseus the Noctowl [Level 43]
Nature: Bold; Likes to run
Notes: Roosts at home for the most part, but occasionally ventures out to find and check on Bug. Carries messages for them.

Mark the Gallade [Level 68]
Nature: Hardy; Strong willed
Notes: Gallant and defensive, adheres to a strict code of honour. Mostly answers the door to the mailman these days but hey every task is a noble one. Has a family (Miriam the Gardevoir and Neela the Kirlia, both girls, very homebodyish and disinterested in adventure but cunning in their own ways).

Ruby the Dusclops [Level 40]
Nature: Bold; Often lost in thought
Notes: Originally traded from a friend. Always wants to help; spends most of her time serving drinks and cooking food for everyone stuck at home.

Rococo the Pikachu [Level 27]
Nature: Naive; Somewhat vain
Notes: Likes to dress up; still occasionally taken out for contests and inevitably gets wrapped up in adventures as a bonus. When at home, helps Ruby around the house by cleaning and tidying. Likes to hang out with Reynard and Kensington, thinking of them like spoiled and annoying little brothers.

Kite the Masquerain [Level 30]
Nature: Quirky; Good endurance
Notes: Mostly hangs around at home keeping everyone company. Likes to people-watch. Greets everybody with a Scary Face from its wing patterns, presumably to show off.

Kensington the Riolu [Level 9]
Nature: Bold; Loves to eat
Notes: A feisty and somewhat spoiled puppy with a love of sour candy. Egg given by Riley aka that one Lucario fucker. Has a rivalry with Reynard, and is a little bit braver.

Reynard the Zorua [Level 13]
Nature: Modest; Quick to flee
Notes: Just as spoiled as Kensington, but with a sense of superiority because his is a Luxury Ball. Wears a pretty collar. Kind of a coward.

Spook the Shedinja [Level 50]
Nature: Careful; Mischievous
Notes: Doesn't eat or sleep, so it mostly hides around the house playing at being a creepy ninja and eavesdropping on others. Works with Kite to scare off intruders.


Currently living in Coumarine City.

BLUE the Blastoise [Level 100]
Nature: ???; ???
Notes: Babby's first starter, which explains the allcaps name. Sent home to retire and now keeps watch over family. The only one of Bug's Pokemon to ever make it to level 100.

Rexxie the Feraligatr [Level 73]
Nature: Impish; Good perseverance
Notes: Helped with the Sinnoh gym challenge. Strong and skilled in the water, now spends most of her days lounging around.

02 the Rapidash [Level 57]
Nature: Relaxed; Quick tempered
Notes: Bought from a ranch for his sturdy demeanour and sure footing, he helped Bug learn to ride and then accompanied them through the gym challenge. Now gives free rides to kids if they're polite. Branded with his number on his butt.

SunShine☀ the Sunflora [Level 100]
Nature: Modest; Quick to flee
Notes: Traded to Bug by another trainer. Great stats, but prefers gardening, so that's what he does now.


A group of strong or unusual Cacnea living in the desert of Hoenn's Route 111. All have been captured in a Pokeball, thus securing them from other trainers, and Bug occasionally returns to check on them. For the most part, they do their own thing. what can i say, i spent a long time in the desert trying in utter futility to chain a shiny before realising it wasnt gonna happen lmao. so now i have all these cacnea with cool movesets just sitting in a pc box

Current members: Gardenia, Marisiram, Solei, Carson, Flora, Dynamo, Shale


An ever-expanding gang of Skitty that patrol around Canalave City with the intent of keeping the peace, and often get into trouble instead. They sleep at Bug's home when not roaming.

Martini the Delcatty [Level 48]
Nature: Bashful; Somewhat vain
Notes: Originally a party member, now provides leadership and guidance for the younger Skitty Committee. Tries (and fails) to keep them out of trouble. Hates getting wet, which is annoying given their proximity to the city's canals.

Current members: Malibu and Rum (a brother-and-sister pair), and several Skitty from other trainers - so far named Kabegami, Eneco and Darleen. More members always welcome.


Name the Something
Hometown: Town, Region
Basic notes about goals and tendencies etc.

[img] Name the Species / [Level #]
Nature: Nature; Characteristic
Notes: Backstory and random traits

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