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life update?? or somethin

you guys may or may not have noticed i've been pretty scarce from dw for the past few, uh... months! this will sort of explain that and bring everybody up to date.

i've had a pretty difficult time of things lately. like... i haven't talked about it a whole lot on here, but anyone following me on twitter or who has me on skype or follows my art anywhere else might have heard i've been in kind of a financial mess. for a while i wasn't even sure if i'd be able to afford to pay rent, which was scary, but i'm thinking the worst of it is over now. knock on wood or whatever...

i've been taking art commissions to try and stabilise myself a bit quicker, but honestly my next student loan will come in before i could possibly make it up myself. still. if you want to help me out, or if you've seen my art and thought, "that's so gay i love it" then here is a link to my commissions info. you'll probably have to wait until i'm back in my house where my computer is, though, since i forgot to bring my tablet home with me for xmas... whoops

anyway, yeah, the worst is over with, so no one has to freak out right now. money has just been a big reason for me being thin on the ground and thinner on social media. i have a friend trying to get me a job, and my repayment for that favour has been to do comedy in front of an audience, so things are okay i guess? fingers crossed i can get something for the new year. i might talk more about the comedy thing later when i'm less frazzled, but it was fun.

more updates: this time on camp! if you guys remember me going to camp last year and posting a journal-y thing about it, that will probably be happening again this coming year! i've had my coworkers hit me up on facebook near-constantly to ask if i was coming back, saying all sorts of kind things to the tune of really enjoying working with me and stuff like that, so i was already buzzing, and then my boss came out of nowhere to ask me if i was coming back because he really wanted me to. that's pretty much fluffed my ego as much as anything could. i've never been told i did a good job at, you know, an actual Job before. or much of anything, come to think of it. but apparently my boss values me enough to ask me to come back so i'm feeling real good about that right now. (there's more to this story, but nothing i can post online, really? skype folks already know, i think. if not, hmu.)

another reason for going under the radar, other than money, has been that a few things have been getting me down lately. i wouldn't call it depression, but it's a feeling similar, so i'll chalk it up to the winter blues and leave it there. there are reasons, but, again, nothing i feel comfortable discussing online. one was the money thing, and that was a big one.

anyway, despite being emotionally AWOL since october, i hope everyone's doing okay. winter is my least favourite time of year because, guaranteed, no one is ever doing okay. but here's me giving you all a salute and some well wishes anyway.

here's a video, as per my ongoing dreamwidth tradition