smalldeer: ([starscream] world domination)
bug ([personal profile] smalldeer) wrote2016-02-04 03:19 pm
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art map

i set up a few things so that my art is easier to follow on different platforms! feel free to like/share/staple to your boss's face. these are all art, all the time. i'll be trying my best to update them all at the same time :^)

the twitter will have WIPs, the tumblr will have (tame/sfw) furry art as well as everything else, and if you poke around in my dA scraps you can make yourself puke from all my old art from a zillion years ago. neat huh!!

i also set up a wordpress account that i'll be using as a sort of makeshift portfolio of my best work for the time being. if you use wordpress, you should be able to follow it or something? i'll be updating the front page with each new piece but expect it to be slow going haha


these should be way more comprehensive and much easier to follow than if i kept posting it all on here, so you can all rest easy knowing i'm not doing the huge artdump posts on dreamwidth any more. :^)

also, a brief reminder that i still take commissions! i have a couple to work through already as of this post but i still have some slots left in the list if anyone's interested.

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