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2 beers later

the current part-time job i have cleaning a school for 2 hours on weekdays for minimum wage unsurprisingly does not pay rent. so when i got a call from a local pub asking me to come in for a trial shift in exchange for a meal and some booze i was like, hell yea!! hire me!!

long story short, i didn't learn my lesson the last time i worked serving alcohol. short story long, i'm awful at handling money, somehow worse at working a till, and heavily reliant on others to tell me the same shit over and over and over again. i'm not good know, anything you do at a bar. collecting glasses is awkward. checking for id is hell. pouring drinks is internal panic because isnt there something i should be doing simultaneously, theres a person waiting for me to finish right there, i need more hands etc etc

i get the feeling my parents will have limited sympathy so im going to admit to them finally that i actually had a panic attack the first time i worked handling money and maybe theyll actually get why im so shitty at this stuff this time?

i'm not feeling too awful atm. i got 2 free cheap beers and i'm just finishing off the second of those two so i'm playing the "numb myself to my feelsies" card and then i'm gonna sleep on it. maybe i'll feel better about it all tomorrow. your first shift at anything is always gonna be scary, i guess.

i just want a shitty desk job that pays rent in exchange for me using a computer and a phone. i think maybe a shitty desk job is all i wanted all along. i used to picture it as a bad end when i was a kid but honestly it sounds like a goal to work towards right now.

i'm okay! i'm just, you know, dealing. here's some shane koyczan.

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It's true - you'll almost certainly get better at it with practice if you do stick around. At least some free booze and food though. :P

A lot of my friends these days are finding a lot of satisfaction in working jobs they don't love in order to have lives they are otherwise happy with (rent, food, hobbies, all that jazz). It's not something pitched to little kids with stars in their eyes, but it's certainly worthwhile to make happy where you can.

Best of luck. Keep kickin'. :)