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hello! it's me and things are happening

thing 1: i'm definitely going back to camp. all i have left is to arrange my visa interview date and book my flights. it's gonna be another wild summer and after the disaster that has been this year so far i am incredibly glad to be going back to do something i'm actually good at.

thing 2: remember when i was talking about possibly banging a person!! yeah okay well that didn't happen because i called it off. he was really into kissing and cuddling and it was making me sick and bored so i eventually came to the realisation that a.) what he really wanted was a romance girlfriend not a friend-with-benefits and it would probably be taking advantage as well as setting us both up for an awkward mess, and b.) i don't think i actually wanted to bang that guy. i think it was more of an opportunistic thing. which is not a big deal for me but it might have been for him and also thinking about banging him was stressing me out.

thing 3: i'm playing a lot of RIFT lately! here are my main two characters. one is a gay cinnamon roll cleric and the other is a complete idiot who likes to blow things up and compose awful songs about everyone.

i actually joined a guild with the guy on the left, and i do some roleplaying on there. it's cute enough to hold my attention and everyone has been pretty much great to me so far. someone called me lovely, and also, i got promoted to part of a new rp council they formed at the last guild meeting, so now i am a roleplay coordinator! i get to help out people who have questions about rp and encourage people to join in. it's pretty cool. three people were picked to form the council thing and of those three i got voted straight through when the others were done by tiebreakers. despite being the newest member haha... i dunno i'm taking it as a huge compliment!! people seem to like me. nice. i hope i do a good job :^)

and i also started a guild of my own with the guy on the right! so far it is just me and four of my irl friends. i plan on dragging them into roleplay hell with me but we'll see if they actually...will. haha. either way, fun times. i'm gonna talk to them about recruiting soon :^)

tl;dr i still have to wait until camp before my life starts improving at all but it will happen, i'm still a 22 yr old virgin and the possibility of me being asexual is looming over my head even though i'm determined to try everything else before i consider it to be true, and in the meantime i'm burying my woes in mmorpg banter and doing things like making pancakes at 3 in the morning.

here's a video. (it has some trippy animation and weird...plant/monster foetus egg dispersal imagery?? and drugs?? thats the only warning i can think of because this one is real weird. but like, its basically weird trippy animation to chill music)