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about me


bug / 24 / they/them

i use Telegram and Discord. feel free to ask for my contact

personal twitter / art twitter / art tumblr / deviantart

  • i'm a furry
  • i'm vegan
  • i like video games, but i only really have the time/money to consistently play RIFT
  • i'm definitely not interested in relationships
  • i'm supportive of all fandoms
  • i'm not interested in callouts. don't ask me to retweet, reblog, or otherwise share them
  • i have no triggers - but still be aware some things are still upsetting? i'm usually open to talk about anything, just be aware sometimes i don't have the mental fortitude to handle certain things. i still love y'all i just need a rest sometimes yo


  • furries
  • homestuck
  • transformers prime, transformers: rid
  • dc comics
  • kirby
  • doctor who (mostly 11)
  • archer fx
  • mlp
  • storm hawks
  • pokemon (games only, especially mystery dungeon)
  • rift...??? i guess? there's not really a fandom, it's more like me and one other person but it's the principle of the thing
  • i was in the lorax fandom in 2012, god bless


  • tiny fonts are bad for everybody's eyeballs. i don't see why i should have to increase my browser size to 170% just to read your page without eye-strain. it's 20XX, please don't make me squint at tiny fonts any more buddy
  • if you follow me on any social media and would like to stop, literally just unfollow me. i won't bother you about it, and i won't get upset. it's totally cool with me. sometimes things just don't work out. if you'd like to confront me for whatever reason, feel free, but there's like zero reason for me to be upset if you just want to drop out of following me. i don't track follower/subscriber/watch/etc count.
  • this particular digital age of everyone knowing when you're online and what you're doing with your time because every IM client shows your online status by default and some show what game you're playing etc etc... it's really annoying and stressful to think everyone can watch how i spend my time at all hours of the day. please, please don't expect me to reply to you instantly even if i'm "online" and "active", because sometimes i'm in the middle of something or i left my messenger running or i just don't have the energy!! or any one of a million reasons that don't include "bug is ignoring you because they're rude".
  • please don't overshare at me as soon as we meet. i'm tired and/or stressed 80% of the time. i have the energy levels to support my friends but if you're a total stranger then. like. please don't one-on-one converse with me about really harsh topics straight away, we haven't built that level of trust yet. just take it easy til we know each other better yo. just know that if i'm uncomfortable i WILL say so. if we're having a conversation and i don't say stop, then it's probably fine to continue. if in doubt, ask.
  • can't believe i have to say this but when i refer to a character as a horrible gremlin it's entirely facetious and in joviality, i'm not trying to shit on the character. All Characters Are Good, Brent. this goes double for if you're uhhh kin or whatever and i accidentally offend your kin? like... be calm please
  • another "wow do i really have to say this" bullet point: you're allowed to like any character you want without having to justify it to everybody you meet. i'm not an anybody apologist. sometimes i just like horrid characters with bad morals because it's entertaining. (loud trumpet fanfare) That's Fiction

some panels from Sweet Bro And Hella Jeff, where hella jeff drives car into the water and slowly sinks