May. 5th, 2015

smalldeer: ([bernard black] rejection)
obligatory disclaimer: this post is about me, personally, and my personal experiences, and if they don't apply to you, that's great, but this is a post about my experiences so maybe try to understand things from my point of view please.

this is a pretty negative post about tumblr in general. if you don't want to hear me complain about all the reasons tumblr is a bad place for me to be personally, maybe don't bother reading the post. it's ok to not do that. you can accept i'm not going to be on there any more just fine without the explanation, i'm sure.

with that said, if you're interested to know why i'm so adamant about packing up and moving elsewhere, by all means feel free to read on! but i'm not forcing you, so i don't want anyone getting on my case about it or anything. thank you.

hopefully the comments section will be smooth sailing now. :^)

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hi i'm bug, i'm 23, and i'm always looking for more friends so don't be afraid to request access!

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