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social media is a load of old tosh

first things first: all my Photobucket-hosted images broke. because apparently now photobucket succumbed to the inevitable "free model/monetary black hole" issue and no longer allows external image embedding unless you pay for a membership. i don't have the money for that, so i'm in the process of migrating my images to other hosts. it might take me a while. there's a lot of stuff on there.

so for now this means that all my icons on [community profile] spandexy have turned into ugly grey placeholders. which is a little infuriating, but i just ain't feeling it right now. my graphics comm was mostly just for my own fun anyway so i guess it's not a huge disaster. i might put a link up on each of the posts just leading people to the actual disorganised and stuffed-full albums the icons are in, which i guess is better than nothing?

i always figured it was inevitable that Photobucket would commit seppuku and i guess i don't blame them too hard since... they've offered free image hosting for years, which has been a total gift. so uhh everything's a mess but, thank you anyway Photobucket for your years of service in allowing filthy internet rats like myself to leech your bandwidth.

second things second: i got shadowbanned on twitter this morning! i wrote a whole thread about it, which i realise i could have just said here, so i'm just gonna copypaste

its times like these i wonder what i'd be like if i quit all "instant" social do i have untapped cognitive surplus? if i stopped shitposting & putting my life on pause to record and post pictures of my cats or my food would i focus more on important stuff?

i wanna say no & that i'd find some other way of wasting hours at a time but i wont be sure unless i try so, maybe someday. i can have my friends on instant messaging and theres much less time wasted on Scrolling Thru Junk. no shitty timeline with bad algorithms so i cant keep up with the important things i.e. my friends' personal posts. if i kept dreamwidth id still have an outlet but id be encouraged to use it only for bigger updates and things worthy of discussion... plus obv it has way better security and specific post locking. would i miss scrolling blue sites for hours? no.

i have a surplus of time but my brain encourages itself to fill that time with scrolling & miscellaneous junk posts. i guess the day draws ever nearer when i slip the surly bonds of Modern Social Media and go back to journal style, email-notif blogging.

addendum: the reason its hard to just do it is because im concerned about not putting my art on social media. thats like artist suicide... Or Is It? 🤔 anyway i guess theres ways around it, like... i could keep the art accounts. not like anyone sees anybody's art anyway with these shitty algorithms am i right!! ha ha ha 👽

(link to tweet thread)

maybe someday, or maybe soon, i'm going to just try and leave all the forms of social media that: pump funny images and memes at you, exclude your friends' personal posts with algorithms, have an "infinite scroll" feature by default, etc etc. i'm honestly getting sick of them. call me old-fashioned, but i honestly miss the days of email communication and simpler, less "helpful" algorithms in search engines that meant you discovered new and interesting websites all the time.

which leads me to another point - i made a neocities site for the funsies. i slapped a page of rss feeds on there for my dreamwidth and twitter, there's a page for my art, and an About Me that's basically a fancier version of the one i wrote on this journal. importantly, there is also a splash page and a guestbook, because both are fun.

(there's also a horrible, horrible shitpost page that looks a lot like the whole web did back in the good old geocities/angelfire/netscape era, but it's not linked in the main navigation because i want to sneak it in as a hidden link somewhere or something but i haven't decided how/where. it's got autoplay and far too many gifs but if you want to see it and don't have epilepsy, comment)

that's it for now, i think? HA HA JUST KIDDING i just realised i haven't posted about the kitten yet. we have a kitten now. his name is Spike. our older cat absolutely hates him but i caught him licking him this morning so perhaps he will learn to accept this little gremlin into our household?? anyway,

this is Spike when we first got him. my mother's colleague's friend had a cat that had kittens,
and so since she heard we were thinking about getting another cat, she just...dumped him on us.
surprise??? he was also way younger than she said he'd be, which was really irresponsible of her,
but luckily he's totally fine and growing up like a rocket :'^) he's already like twice the size lmao

here he is.... goofin. bein a little shit. doin what kittens does


anyway. that really is it for now i swear to heck...... here. take another video, as is customary in my kingly domain

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