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"why did you leave tumblr?"

obligatory disclaimer: this post is about me, personally, and my personal experiences, and if they don't apply to you, that's great, but this is a post about my experiences so maybe try to understand things from my point of view please.

this is a pretty negative post about tumblr in general. if you don't want to hear me complain about all the reasons tumblr is a bad place for me to be personally, maybe don't bother reading the post. it's ok to not do that. you can accept i'm not going to be on there any more just fine without the explanation, i'm sure.

with that said, if you're interested to know why i'm so adamant about packing up and moving elsewhere, by all means feel free to read on! but i'm not forcing you, so i don't want anyone getting on my case about it or anything. thank you.

hopefully the comments section will be smooth sailing now. :^)

why aren't you going to be on tumblr any more?

tumblr was a nice outlet for my feelings and it was a wonderful way to meet people, but i'm using the past tense on purpose here. i don't feel safe on there any more. you can make a personal post, with a million written disclaimers, carefully hidden behind a cut, and put slashes and weird symbols in the middle of all the possible buzzwords, and people will still come to get up in your grill about something or other and take it personally and get mega mad at you for the dumbest things. it's happened to me, i've seen it happen to other people, and i'm sick of it.

which brings me nicely on to callout culture. back in 2012, tumblr was a fun and chilled-out place to be, but since then it's all gone downhill. at the moment, people are actively seeking to dig up nasty information about people and use it against them to ruin their reputation. it's like a celebrity gossip column in a cheap magazine and i'm sick and tired of it. to me, it's maybe the most disgusting part of tumblr right now. people dug up some stuff on taylor swift being a bad feminist when she was like sixteen and now half of my dashboard expresses this nasty, snide dislike for her at random times even though she confirmed in a bunch of interviews that she regrets saying it and believes entirely different things now. people are trying their best to do this to everyone. famous fandom artists, youtube celebrities, and maybe worst of all, young teens who are just trying to keep a personal blog to help them make sense of their lives. (also, please don't suddenly start talking to me about taylor swift. she's one example of many and the first one that came to mind. this isn't about taylor swift, goddamn.)

there's this really awful oppressive atmosphere on tumblr now. if you've ever done anything that might be construed as bad, you can bet there's a chance that someone will dig it up and try to ruin your life with it. even if it was ten years ago on deviantart when you were drawing sparkledogs. no one is safe for any reason. time doesn't heal. and you absolutely will not be forgiven for anything, even if you apologise and take steps to improve, because then you're labelled as Untrustworthy for life, apparently. what a healthy way for society to function! by which i mean, stop reblogging those goddamn callout posts and form your own opinions about people you've never met if you absolutely have to poke your nose into other people's private business.

and for the love of god stop being so smug about knowing that someone is "problematic". maybe they are. i don't even care about that, it's not the point. look. sure. i'll take a close friend's advice on board if they tell me someone might be unsafe to consort with. that's common sense. but for goodness' sake, making smug public posts on your blog about people you don't even interact with any more is really childish and if you do it just consider my respect for you lost. that includes things like "haha people are posting about [name] again do they even know how gross they are" ok great how about you take your bitter and probably misinformed self 800 miles away from me? it's really passive aggressive and accomplishes nothing other than making everybody uncomfortable and stops anyone from moving past one event that happened over a year ago. you're officially That Person who has nothing nice to say but doesn't know how to keep their mouth shut. consider your own behaviour logically, please. i can't tell people what to do or what not to post about, but i am begging you to take a step back and think rationally about what you're posting publicly online for everybody to see.

also, do not try to tell me i "follow the wrong people". not only do i follow a lot of trusted friends (so, like, first of all how dare you), but listen. this is just how tumblr works.

let me explain. the site is built around the reblog function. manually aggregating content is the main use of the site. but since it's so easy to just click a button, misinformation and badly-worded posts and godawful ill-conceived opinions get passed around super fast. everyone reblogs them. everyone gets caught up in this stuff. i've reblogged posts about stuff i don't even care about but it was strongly-worded and got me riled up and i reblogged it on a whim. i only realised my grievous mistake when i got messages about it reminding me that actually, no, if you stepped back and thought about it for more than two seconds, the argument didn't work and also managed to be really harmful. we all do this. my friends have done it. close friends, who i love and trust, will occasionally reblog a bum post. it's fine. everyone does it. i can forgive people for being dumb, i do it too, no big deal! BUT. that's how tumblr works. the physical reblogging system encourages this kind of thing all the time, and it can actually be dangerous when it's not just unpleasant and uncomfortable.

so, next point. the introduction of the search function was supposed to be a good step forwards for everyone, but due to the way the algorithms work, it just meant that if you were trying to make a personal post about something, it'd show up for everyone to see on the search page just because it had a certain word in it. listen, ok. tags were fine. tags worked. maybe they could have made the search function work with tags instead. but they made it scan entire posts for content buzzwords and then plaster those everywhere regardless of how private they were. it's a really bad system and i don't like it at all. i hear there was an opt-out function, but at this point the site is going downhill so fast i just can't bring myself to care. i'd rather leave than keep up with that stuff.

this is in relation to the staff issues as well. and functionality. everything else, all the physical workings, you know, that stuff. the site keeps breaking, all the time, in little annoying ways. i've heard rumours that the code is hideously messed up because people just keep adding bits on top of other bits because they have no choice because it hasn't been cleaned up in like a million years? i don't know how true that is but listen, tumblr is clunky as hell. the design is messy, it takes twenty clicks to do anything, making a goddamn text post lags the hell out of a lot of computers, and don't even get me started on the infinite scrolling.

oh yeah, and remember the xkit guy? he quit because callout culture messed him up big-time for no solid reason whatsoever. so uh, don't cross your fingers for him to save you from the awful site interface any more. xkit is no longer being updated as far as anyone knows and tumblr staff will likely keep breaking stuff until it's useless. it kind of relied on regular updates to function properly, so i can predict what's left of it slowly breaking down piece by piece. maybe some other shining star will come along to fix all their stuff for them again, but i don't really care enough any more. i shouldn't have to rely on a third party browser extension just to make a site work properly, and tumblr staff have no interest in pleasing their current userbase. yahoo is trying to make tumblr go corporate, but it's a heinous money sink and no one gives a flying frag about the ads they're trying to paste everywhere so i dunno if that's even coming to fruition. i predict a downfall sooner or later and i'm jumping ship early.

tumblr is also messy in that only about eighteen of my followers regularly interact with me on a personal level. out of 1407 followers (as of this post date), that's not a great ratio. so i guess, like, i don't really see the point? i have skype, i have my own ways of keeping myself amused when i'm bored, and when it comes right down to it, even the memes are getting kinda stale. they burn out real fast on there lmao. it's kinda funny but, like, i can't really afford the extra procrastination right now either?

i have a million and one reasons to leave tumblr so, i guess that's happening. bam. i'm outta there. you can still find my old blog and i'll probably hand you the URL if you ask politely since i don't mind people poking through it - i probably won't delete it, since i have this thing about leaving an internet paper trail, but as far as regular blogging goes, i'm quitting. finito. done and dusted. vacant blog left to rot. goodbye. it's been a real trip. :^)

my art blog will also be sticking around permanently, if only because the reblog functionality is at least one remaining positive for my art's sake if nothing else. it's and i'll still be marginally active on that, but it might not be a daily thing any more, so you're probably better off contacting me another way.

why dreamwidth?

visually it's cleaner, nicer, and people don't use those godawful tiny-ass pixel fonts here.

technically it's better for communication, there's a comments function, and comments are even nested to make conversations easier to read; stuff doesn't break every five minutes; there's a functional PM system and stuff doesn't get lost (at the very LEAST not even close to how often important messages just disappear for no reason on tumblr); i like the journal system; i can get email alerts for messages, comments etc..

also, the privacy settings on here are great. i have control over who can see my posts and there's a better block function and i like the access system. and i can enable/disable anonymous commenting. it's nice.

oh, and also, there's a cute little 15-slot icon system. look! the one i picked for this post is bernard black drinking heavily and expressing his disdain. i like the multiple icons thing. it's fun.

lastly, did you know you can disable images and videos and have them replaced with placeholders? yeah! it's an actual built-in function of the site. another nice accessibility thing tumblr can't hold a candle to without third-party enhancement.

there are other reasons. [ profile] dreamwidth-help and [community profile] tumblr_refugees can probably help you with everything else. go check those out, they're good.

ok but why did you make us read this here and not on tumblr?

how can i stay in contact with you?

well, if you're adamant about not joining me on dreamwidth, like i said, i'll still be kind of using my art blog. again, it's [ profile] secretbeachepisode and i'll sorta be checking it sometimes. the askbox is open and stuff. it's, uh, not ideal though.

you can ask me for my skype - i'm on there almost daily and often for long periods of time, so it's really the best way to have conversations with me. i probably won't ask you to do any voice calls or anything - they kind of tire me out very quickly and i don't usually seek them out of my own accord, but i enjoy text chatting a lot so i'm totally up for that anytime. oh, and sometimes i forget i've left my status on "away" or "do not disturb", so if in doubt, or if you really need me for something, don't be afraid to approach me just because my status isn't a green tick. if i'm mega busy, i'll say so politely!

and then, obviously, i'll be on dreamwidth a lot now. this is where all my personal posts and random banter and such will be going from now on. the thing is, there are multiple ways you can talk to me on here! so here are a couple of options.

you can make an account and send me private messages, or comment on my journal entries. making a dreamwidth account is free, and even if you don't plan on using it for your own purposes, you can totally just do it to stay in contact. i won't judge you for having a blank profile :^) this will also allow me to grant you access so you can see all my friendlocked posts - which is why i'm putting this option first. friends might want to take note, but again, i'm not forcing anybody!

you can also hang around and leave anonymous comments without making an account. i've set my journal to allow anonymous commenting from people without dreamwidth accounts, so you don't have to get too involved with the site if you're absolutely against the idea of making an account. however, i won't be able to recognise you this way (you'll have to sign your posts or something), and the majority of my posts will be invisible to you unless you make an account so i can grant you access. still, no worries - this is still an option if you're apprehensive, or even if you're just shy about talking to me. a whole lot of other users also won't have their anonymous commenting option switched on, for whatever reason, so maybe don't count on this for talking to other people either.

feel free to leave a comment on this journal entry if you'd like to talk about this post, or just make sure that we stay in contact, or if you want to talk to me for any other reason. i get email pings when i get comments, so i'll probably get back to you as soon as i can. :^)

bear with me while i get fully settled in to this thing. i have a few things to tweak and get used to.

and thanks for understanding, everybody - it's been a wild ride!!!

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