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Title: The Bomb
Fandom: Homestuck
Characters: Dave, Karkat
Word Count: 780

Prompt: "i don't know what homestuck ships u ship, but POST-RETCON METEORSTUCK SHENANIGANS"
Prompted by: [personal profile] chagrined
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prompts, please!

now taking writing prompts!!! comment on this post, i might run away with an idea or i might not, smallish fics probably to follow.

you don't have to know me or talk to me ever to prompt me for stuff! i really don't mind if you just appear out of the blue and prompt me for something, it's a chance to say hi to a new person right? haha okay let's do this


  • homestuck
  • kirby
  • my little pony
  • transformers (prime, rid2015)
  • dc comics (mostly batman, lets be real, but u can try me anyway)
  • harvest moon (fomt, awl, mm)
  • rune factory (3 & 4)
  • pokemon (i dont know shit about the mangas or any of the humans sorry, im just open for cute pokemon interactions i guess?)
  • legend of zelda (minish cap, phantom hourglass, twilight princess)
  • ...misc? if you've ever heard me talk about a thing, you can prompt me for that thing probably
  • crossovers are cool too
  • non-fandom stuff is cool too! like, i can write random junk


  • dont ask me for anything nsfw right now, ty
  • i reserve the right to say no if i dont know a fandom or subject well enough
  • headcanons: feel free to let me know what yours are, but if they dont click for me i dont have to write em haha
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send me to gay baby jail for irresponsible adults )


Oct. 4th, 2015 01:13 am
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to do list

  • homework
  • practice coding u gross fauxhacker
  • learn some new recipes
  • update journal theme with one you made. what?? thats your course now isnt it
  • catch up with homestuck
  • reread homestuck
  • overhaul/rewrite yr shitty fanfic
  • pmd comic
  • mash up all yr shitty sketches into a couple of big imagedumps and put them on dA, then put all yr nice shit on dA. its been neglected for too long
  • start learning japanese you weeaboo fuck
  • make a list of the shit u want ur parents to bring over from home
  • take writing prompts


  • vacuum cleaner
  • poster frames
  • potted plants for weird yard area
  • bicycle???
  • buggie digo :^) but wait for the lifer u shit
  • psb record for dad
  • web domain?? later
  • quinoa...u keep forgetting...
  • big java

games 2 play/finish

  • rune factory 4
  • okami
  • super smash bros: brawl
  • rift!!! reminder: get back in touch w your bruh
  • wildstar
  • kirby games: triple deluxe (KEYRINGS!!!), return to dreamland (finish extra mode & figure out why main isn't 100%, also kiss magolor), superstar ultra (marx. fight yr nostalgia husband. do it)


Oct. 2nd, 2015 05:47 pm
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you thought i'd post a pepe but it was this, a Friending Meme!!!

Dreamwidth Friending Meme, 2015 edition!

if you're looking for more people to interact with on dreamwidth this is one of the best ways to go about it imho, so, a short explanation for those who followed me from tumblr:

basically a friending meme is where you fill out a little form about yourself (it's loose and you can write however much or however little you're comfortable with) and connect with people that way! it is a very good thing to do if you want more friends on this site so please go check it out even if you're shy. you can haunt the comments and see if there's anyone who feels the same way and doesn't mind shy followers or whatever. it's great. do it. i just posted a comment myself but i'm tired right now so i will take a real look through the comments tomorrow morning

to anyone who found me through that, by the way, hello and welcome!! you will need to request access before you can see most of my posts but like i said on the meme i grant access for pretty much anybody so don't be shy :^)

i was gonna post an actual frog meme here but i realised that might scare away potential friending meme people so. for now, i will forego the abstract pepes i found on the first page of google. you're all welcome
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i'd say these were vegan, but that would imply they were edible )
i'm leaving this entry public, because i want this to be the shining example of who i am when people come looking. you're all welcome for what took place here. and don't ask me to bake for your weddings or reunions.

thank you.
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obligatory disclaimer: this post is about me, personally, and my personal experiences, and if they don't apply to you, that's great, but this is a post about my experiences so maybe try to understand things from my point of view please.

this is a pretty negative post about tumblr in general. if you don't want to hear me complain about all the reasons tumblr is a bad place for me to be personally, maybe don't bother reading the post. it's ok to not do that. you can accept i'm not going to be on there any more just fine without the explanation, i'm sure.

with that said, if you're interested to know why i'm so adamant about packing up and moving elsewhere, by all means feel free to read on! but i'm not forcing you, so i don't want anyone getting on my case about it or anything. thank you.

hopefully the comments section will be smooth sailing now. :^)

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Journal partly Friends-Only

hi! my journal is currently partly friendlocked which means i'll have to grant you access if you want to read some of my more personal posts, but i'm very laid back and always looking to make connections so feel free to send me a message anytime - it's very unlikely that i'll say no! :^)


[community profile] spandexy [community profile] writtoast [community profile] tumblr_refugees


hi i'm bug, i'm 23, and i'm always looking for more friends so don't be afraid to request access!

i draw, rp, and sometimes write.

about me