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2014-11-03 06:40 pm

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Journal partly Friends-Only

hi! my journal is currently partly friendlocked which means i'll have to grant you access if you want to read some of my more personal posts, but i'm very laid back and always looking to make connections so feel free to send me a message anytime - it's very unlikely that i'll say no! :^)


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2017-06-09 05:36 pm
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2017-05-12 02:05 pm
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2016-09-09 04:35 pm
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2016-02-21 01:31 pm
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2016-02-13 10:55 am
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2016-02-04 03:19 pm
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art map

i set up a few things so that my art is easier to follow on different platforms! feel free to like/share/staple to your boss's face. these are all art, all the time. i'll be trying my best to update them all at the same time :^)

the twitter will have WIPs, the tumblr will have (tame/sfw) furry art as well as everything else, and if you poke around in my dA scraps you can make yourself puke from all my old art from a zillion years ago. neat huh!!

i also set up a wordpress account that i'll be using as a sort of makeshift portfolio of my best work for the time being. if you use wordpress, you should be able to follow it or something? i'll be updating the front page with each new piece but expect it to be slow going haha


these should be way more comprehensive and much easier to follow than if i kept posting it all on here, so you can all rest easy knowing i'm not doing the huge artdump posts on dreamwidth any more. :^)

also, a brief reminder that i still take commissions! i have a couple to work through already as of this post but i still have some slots left in the list if anyone's interested.
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2016-01-28 04:12 pm
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fandom weekly!

[community profile] fandomweekly is a brand new multifandom weekly fanfic challenge community,
where participants write a short fanfic (1000 words or less) based on a prompt.
Readers vote at the end of the week for their favourite submission to decide a winner.
Each challenge has two elements: a Weekly Theme and a Bonus Goal to meet.

The first challenge will be going up on Monday, February 1st.
Please come join us, and follow us on Plurk at [ profile] FandomWeekly


so, this sounds like a real good idea to me and i might try and push myself to do a couple depending on how rollercoaster-y my irl situation is in the following weeks. i know some of my mutuals are into writing so here's a prod for you all to get involved. :^)
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2015-12-28 09:33 am
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life update?? or somethin

you guys may or may not have noticed i've been pretty scarce from dw for the past few, uh... months! this will sort of explain that and bring everybody up to date.

winter downs below the cut, soz )
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2015-12-06 02:34 pm
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the pc box

with a great deal of important things to be doing (including explaining why i've been gone from dreamwidth for ages), i procrastinated and wrote down a huge list of (nearly) all the pokemon i have headcanons about from all the main games so far. so, like, this is basically a theoretical post like "what if it were real and i was really on a pokemon journey? what would all of my Pokemon be like and what would their backstories be? how did i come across them?" etc.

it got really long even though i tried to keep it short because this list goes all the way back to pokemon blue but in case you want to read about my various teams and poke-amigos here it is behind a cut. i will probably add more at some point. these are headcanons going wayyy back so they kinda range from madcap to uninspired to pretty damn funny imho. also, i don't have a gengar, i've been a sham this whole time. i mean i did in HeartGold but it didnt feel headcanony enough and i have no idea where my copy of HG went anyway so WHOOPS all my johto pokemon are omitted at the moment

i also included the basic template i used for each pokemon at the bottom of this post in case anybody wants to do it themselves. if you do, or if you do something similar, please link me! i love hearing people's pokemon journey headcanons, it really fleshes out the world for me.

a huge list of pokemon and headcanons )
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2015-10-20 03:05 pm
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2015-10-17 08:57 pm

fic: Party Planning Nightmare (Night) [915]

Title: Party Planning Nightmare (Night)
Fandom: Crossover (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic/Pokémon)
Characters: Fluttershy, Vulpix, Sableye
Word Count: 915

Prompt: "fluttershy dealing w/ pokemon preferably ghosties but also vulpix"
Prompted by: [personal profile] thethrillof
please, be careful with the drapes - Rarity worked very hard on those... )
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2015-10-17 01:51 pm
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minor update

i added a journal theme! it's the one i just posted on my graphics comm, but i edited it quite a bit to look all meta-knight-ish.(the sidebar background is from [ profile] triceraclops at this post and the little yarn meta knight in the bottom right is official art.) let me know what u think :^) hopefully it's cute without sacrificing too much accessibility?

if there's anything wrong let me know but remember, if you don't like it, i still have default entry pages enabled! so navigating to a post's actual entry page will give you the default Dreamwidth layout instead of my custom stuff.

hmm, also my parents are coming to visit today! they'll be here in the evening and i'm kind of excited about that. the last time i saw them was when i stopped at home briefly after i got back from the US, but since they were working a lot we didn't really get to see much of each other, so this should be a little more chilled out.

my mother also said she was gonna make a vegan cake and bring that - she even checked over the ingredients with me, so i'm just like, on the edge of my seat for that bc honestly i fucking love cake... god.... i love cake

anyway. xandr out