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Dec. 6th, 2015 02:34 pm
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with a great deal of important things to be doing (including explaining why i've been gone from dreamwidth for ages), i procrastinated and wrote down a huge list of (nearly) all the pokemon i have headcanons about from all the main games so far. so, like, this is basically a theoretical post like "what if it were real and i was really on a pokemon journey? what would all of my Pokemon be like and what would their backstories be? how did i come across them?" etc.

it got really long even though i tried to keep it short because this list goes all the way back to pokemon blue but in case you want to read about my various teams and poke-amigos here it is behind a cut. i will probably add more at some point. these are headcanons going wayyy back so they kinda range from madcap to uninspired to pretty damn funny imho. also, i don't have a gengar, i've been a sham this whole time. i mean i did in HeartGold but it didnt feel headcanony enough and i have no idea where my copy of HG went anyway so WHOOPS all my johto pokemon are omitted at the moment

i also included the basic template i used for each pokemon at the bottom of this post in case anybody wants to do it themselves. if you do, or if you do something similar, please link me! i love hearing people's pokemon journey headcanons, it really fleshes out the world for me.

a huge list of pokemon and headcanons )


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