smalldeer: ([penguin] wtf am i reading)
bug ([personal profile] smalldeer) wrote2015-10-04 01:13 am
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to do list

  • homework
  • practice coding u gross fauxhacker
  • learn some new recipes
  • update journal theme with one you made. what?? thats your course now isnt it
  • catch up with homestuck
  • reread homestuck
  • overhaul/rewrite yr shitty fanfic
  • pmd comic
  • mash up all yr shitty sketches into a couple of big imagedumps and put them on dA, then put all yr nice shit on dA. its been neglected for too long
  • start learning japanese you weeaboo fuck
  • make a list of the shit u want ur parents to bring over from home
  • take writing prompts


  • vacuum cleaner
  • poster frames
  • potted plants for weird yard area
  • bicycle???
  • buggie digo :^) but wait for the lifer u shit
  • psb record for dad
  • web domain?? later
  • quinoa...u keep forgetting...
  • big java

games 2 play/finish

  • rune factory 4
  • okami
  • super smash bros: brawl
  • rift!!! reminder: get back in touch w your bruh
  • wildstar
  • kirby games: triple deluxe (KEYRINGS!!!), return to dreamland (finish extra mode & figure out why main isn't 100%, also kiss magolor), superstar ultra (marx. fight yr nostalgia husband. do it)