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[playlist] high five, low five


and all that

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  1. Gold Mage - Homestuck
    (it's hard to pilot when your ship is burning)

  2. Sunny Day - Vib Ribbon OST
    there's no time, hurry up / he is waiting for your happy smile
    (do all the hard work for me, you friend-shaped idiot)

  3. Ruler Of Everything - Tally Hall
    you understand / mechanical hands / are the ruler of everything / i'm the ruler of everything / in the end
    (ruling the world is important to me. you get that, right? / everything is totally fine and i'm not possessed at all)

  4. Conquest Of Spaces - Woodkid
    stretched to the core of galaxies / distorted city grids / by a black hole of vanity / blossoms the age of greed
    (spacey powers, activate! are you ready to fight to the death?)

  5. Ghost - Mystery Skulls
    cause the world might do me in / it's all right cause i'm with friends
    (i hate losing, but... can we still be friends?)

  6. Stars (Hold On) - YoungBlood Hawke
    we're all fighting to make something for ourselves / hold on, hold on / the stars are bound to change
    (i am an idiot, but i don't want to be stuck in quasidimensional endboss space void hell forever)

  7. Colorful - Mili
    even though i may not be able to erase all my mistakes / i can paint on another page / because everyone around you have always lived that way
    (i really do love your planet, after all. and i'm very sorry. i'd like to be friends)

  8. Sad Machine - Porter Robinson
    and though i know, since you've awakened her again / she depends on you, she depends on you
    (what do you mean, my ship forgives me?)

  9. When Can I See You Again - Owl City
    it's been fun but now i've got to go / life is way too short to take it slow / but before I go and hit the road / i gotta know, 'til then / when can we do this again?
    (a theme park sounds like a great idea)

tracks are also linked to youtube in case 8tracks ever messes up, or in case you want to quickly add these to your youtube playlists or something. if youtube won't let you see them in your country, well, you have the titles - look 'em up :^)

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