smalldeer: ([discord] shove your elements up your-)
bug ([personal profile] smalldeer) wrote 2016-09-11 07:33 am (UTC)

(violently blowing the dust off my journal) what are you talking about i update this all the time (sneezing, coughing) it's a very active account

tbh don't worry too much - it's a lot of money to dispense with all at once but i earned more than that from camp, so, at least i can finally pay it all off safely. all i have to do is move the money from my american card onto my english one because apparently the payment won't process from the american one because... idk, maybe it thinks i'm stealing large amounts of dollars from myself lol

but ye i'm still on the fence about the shop thing if only cause idk what i'd sell...i mean we already discussed the gend/sex badges and why im not about that so it's mostly just up to whether or not i can come up with some good design calls

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