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life update

hey it's been forever since i updated again but oh well i've tweaked my journal layout a bit and i might tweak it some more later and i guess it's time i posted about my life! spoilers: nothing is happening

okay so, main points, cause i guess i didn't post them on here yet: not going to camp this year due to reasons, i'm living with my parents, i'm taking commissions and they're picking up a little bit lately so at least i can maybe afford one train ticket or something if i need it for whatever. student loans are still leeching so it's hard to build up money but eh. Eh

i'm still most active on twitter and i reopened a tumblr just for my art but i absolutely won't be using it for anything social and i won't be reblogging and at the first sign of Discourse i'm probably just gonna delete? we'll see. the only reason i did it is cause i need the art exposure basically.

i'm thinking of starting a webcomic, got a few pages more or less finished... we'll see about that. i wanna get a buffer of at least 30 pages done first and then i'll look more into hosting options. it's gonna be a fantasy story about a mage prince, a girl with no memory, and other characters with weird agendas. there will also be a gryphon library. that's about all i can say about it right now but here's a preview (what are you talking about, this dialogue is totally canon) (no it's not)

uhhh what else. roleplay is going good in rift, my guild is very chill but i can't help but feel i'm like 5 inches from burning out? i ought to make the rp events every 2 weeks instead of every week, but my presence on the game is really important if the guild is even gonna continue to exist because i'm a guildmaster, so it's, you know, complex. honestly thinking about quitting rift rp at some point, but i don't know anyone who could take over fulltime from RP responsibilities, so... uhhhhhh.jpg guess i'll just die

there was a cute rp event on Furcadia the other day too! it was very laid back and one of the Primes (Furcadia's canon furry gods) showed up in person to introduce a species that is Basically Elves, But They're Anthro Deer. they gave me a month's worth of the new avatar cause i roleplayed at them earnestly enough which was very sweet honestly. it really took me back to my roots when i used to roleplay on furc all the time. my entire childhood was spent pretending to be anthros on a pixel-avatar chat game, and i regret absolutely none of it. (also [personal profile] wrinkledeer come take this cerdiere from me already GOSH)

furc was a game that really helped me through being a kid and growing up, which is a hard thing to be and do. furries are always gonna have a special place in my heart and i'm sad i don't interact with more of them honestly. it's just hard to find ones that still do furry stuff actively but also don't have the creepy owo-bulgegrab mentality. i just want to surround myself with more furry shitposters basically. remember casual persona rp where people would rp as their furry self while you had a conversation? that was way cuter and more fun than people want to give it credit for being. call it awkward if you want but those people are so sincere in everything they say/do it is a downright refreshing crowd to settle amongst. pity it's so hard to find those people in furc unless there's an event going on. where do they all hide!!!

uhhh anyway i think that's all for now since i'm just rambling but. yep. i'm alive, i'm posting, i probably won't keep it up for long but uhhhhhhhh (uhhhhhhh) uuuUUuuuhhhhhhh i dunno

here's one of those customary videos i do after every life update post